I have a few pieces of what I would call ‘special’ jewellery. My first (and only) pair of diamond earrings, my engagement ring, and my gold Alex Monroe Baby Bee necklace, that was my very first Mother’s Day  gift. That’s the thing with special pieces; you remember exactly when and why they were given to you (or why you bought them), and they remind you of happy memories whenever you wear them. I almost always wear my Baby Bee necklace (apart from the two times Henry broke it when he was tiny and I had to send it back to Alex Monroe to be repaired), and for me, it represents the birth of my son and becoming a mama.

I love the idea of a special piece of jewellery to commemorate your baby’s birth, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are my favourites.

Nora Kogan Mama Ring

I love, love, love this rose gold Mama ring from Brooklyn-based Nora Kogan. Do you notice how ‘mama’ is written on the underside of the ring, almost like a secret?

Distinctly Ivy Initial Necklace

Etsy is a great hunting ground for affordable, unique and personal jewellery. This initial necklace from Distinctly Ivy is gorgeous; it is available in yellow or rose gold, and can be personalised with your child’s initial and date of birth.

Missoma Gold Son Bracelet

This Gold Boy Bracelet from Missoma has a Labradorite charm. They also have a ‘daughter‘ version, and both can be engraved.

Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter Necklace

Maya Brenner’s Asymmetrical Letter Necklace features a tiny letter soldered onto a delicate 16″ chain. I love how discreet this is, and you could wear it with a chunky statement teething necklace in the early days of motherhood. You can also return it to Maya to have other letters added as you add to your brood!

Zodiac Constellation Necklace

A necklace with a secret message! Sounds of Silver’s Constellation Necklace celebrates the star sign of your little one. You can add multiple discs, and there’s also an option to add extra discs, engraved with an initial.

Alex Monroe Pea Pod Necklace

I’m a huge fan of Alex Monroe’s whimsical jewellery, inspired by the natural world. This Peapod Necklace would make a lovely gift for a new mama.

Emma xxx

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