We feel so blessed to be adding another little boy to our growing family! Funnily enough, Henry has always been adamant that we had a little boy in there, and the gynacologue confirmed this during my first scan. Henry came with us and was so cool about the environment at the hospital, watching the gynacologue smear gel on my belly, and seeing his little brother for the first time on the ‘TV’ screen.

We chose not to find out the sex when I was pregnant with Henry (read more about this in my birth story), but heard that here in France most parents do. In fact, several people recommended we told the gynacologue immediately if we didn’t want to find out, as it is so standard here. We thought knowing if he was going to have a little brother or a sister would help Henry adjust, and of course practically it means we can plan more easily for the early days after our little boy’s birth.

I’ve literally kept everything from Henry’s baby days (and would cry each time he grew out of something. Hello, Post-Natal Depression!) so other than some tiny vests and babygrows we’re pretty much fine for clothes. It has been so lovely to go through the boxes and boxes of tiny towelling jumpers, knitted rompers and dungarees in the attic, particularly as Henry was so enormous he’d grow out of the most gorgeous things in weeks. I’m excited to wash everything in early Spring before our new baby’s arrival.

Our most talked about topic right now is, of course, names! We’re trying to come up with something that fits well alongside Henry’s name, and we both want something a little unusual as his surname will be the, er, popular ‘Smith’. There’s so much to think about, including any acronyms his inintials could spell, and shortened versions of any name we do choose. Right now our favourites are Theodore, William, Noah and Rufus. What do you think? What name did you choose for your little boy, and what are your favourite names right now?

Emma xxx

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