So, while I’ve been mainly concentrating on being massively pregnant (7 weeks to go!) and settling Henry into the local ecole maternelle, my super-talented OH has been busy launching our new business, Henry & Bear. We’re specialising in what we think are functional, beautiful and useful products for new mamas and babies, and we’re excited to expand our collection in the coming months. 

Think stylish diaper/changing bags with a ton of pockets designed to hold everything from your keys and purse to spare nappies, bottles of milk and toddler snacks, organic bamboo reusable nursing pads, the softest washcloths for newborns, and bandana-style baby bibs. I’m looking forward to road testing everything very soon!

Right now, we’re selling all our products through, and we’re launching the collection with an exclusive offer for my readers. This lovely horizontal stripe diaper bag (currently my favourite piece from the collection) is normally priced at $44.95, but readers can buy here at the discounted price of $22.25 using the code ‘XP9VAUTS’ at checkout. That’s a whopping 50% off, but please be aware we’re only offering 20 bags at this price, for a limited period.

More about the bag…

Henry & Bear Vertical Stripe Diaper Bag

Made from waterproof canvas, the Henry & Bear Vertical Stripe Diaper Bag has a large main compartment, plus eight (!) pockets on the front sides and internal cover, including two insulated bottle compartments. We’ve included a hypoallergenic changing mat for changing on the go, stroller straps, and an extra long strap in addition to the carry handles, so you can wear the bag across your body or over your shoulder – we’re planning to mainly use a sling for our new addition so the shoulder strap will be perfect for us.

The vertical stripe diaper bag was designed and manufactured exclusively for Henry & Bear, and we rigorously tested (well, if I’m honest, my OH mainly did this because #pregnant) the bag at all stages of the manufacturing process. We love it, and we really hope you will too!

Henry & Bear Vertical Stripe Diaper Bag

A favour to ask…

If you do take advantage of this offer (and we hope you do!) please, please consider leaving us a little Amazon review. We’re a small, family-run business and intend to keep it that way, and we’re conscious that we’re competing with big brands with a far larger marketing budget and reach than us. We’d also love to hear your thoughts about the bag once you’ve started using and enjoying it.

Right now, all Henry & Bear products are only available through, but we hope to launch with and in the near future, as well as through our own website. Watch this space!

Emma xxx

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