What are your plans this weekend?

Tonight, I’m making a roasted squash and pot barley risotto with goats cheese (for Henry) and crispy sage. Its a mash-up of two recipes from a book I’m currently reading, James Wong’s How to Eat BetterI’m hoping to find time to make the Carrot Cake Granola with Henry, too.

Tomorrow evening it is the annual Fete de Village in our local village. We’re looking forward to music and dancing, a magician, fireworks, and a spread that includes pate, rillettes, saucisson and cheeses. It will be my first meal outside of our home since I stopped eating dairy, and I’m a little nervous. It is surprising how many foods have hidden dairy, even chorizo can contain cows’ milk, and Noah doesn’t seem able to tolerate even a tiny bit.

I’m going to be rocking my new *raspberry* Hana Baby wrap! We’ve had highs of 39 degrees this week, over here in our little corner of south west France, and Noah and I have been seriously sweating in my much-loved Moby Wrap. The Hana Baby wrap is made from cotton and bamboo, and I’m happy to report it is lighter, stretchier and more breathable than the Moby.

Hoping to hit the pool with Henry on Sunday. We’re working on building his confidence in the water, and it is going so well. The sunshine and high temperatures means the potager has gone crazy too, we have tomatoes to stake and pinch out (Henry’s favourite job), lots of courgettes to pick, and a ton of weeding.

Also, I can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous night dress. It looks perfect for the hot weather we’re having, and the buttons down the front would give Noah easy access during night-time nursings. I imagine it would still be lovely soft and worn after years of washes… What do you think?

Have a great weekend.

Emma xx


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