What are your plans this weekend?

Our damson plums are ready, so we’ll be picking a ton before roasting them with a little sugar and vanilla, sieving, then churning the puree to make a refreshing summer sorbet. The recipe is from River Cottage Every Dayif you’re interested in making it too.

Henry finished school today, and I’m excited to try a little homeschooling over the summer. Continuing to learn French will help ease him back into school in September, and I’m aware of gaps in his knowledge of English (for example, he can easily count to 20 in French but stumbles a little when reciting the numbers in English) that I need to work on with him. I’m planning to continue the Montessori-led approach his wonderful Maitresse practices. We’re going to IKEA on Wednesday (a five hour trip with a 3 month old baby! Tips and advice welcomed…) and I’ve seen lots of craft supplies and a child-sized table and chairs I’d like to buy for him, so that I can set up a little play and learning area in our home. I’d also like this for Noah.

We’re peanut butter fiends over here, and I’m hoping to find the time to make this delicious-sounding cinnamon vanilla sunflower butter with Henry. I’m also planning to place a huuuge order with Holland & Barrett – their ‘buy one, get one half price‘ offer ends Tuesday and delivery here in France is only £6.99. We buy most of our nuts, seeds, dried fruit and grains from them, and they stock a decent range of essential oils too (although Neal’s Yard Remedies will always be my favourite).


Bonne weekend!

Emma xx


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